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As MM Fairs, Lynn and Ian of Matlock Miniatures took over the operation of the Dolls House and Miniature Fairs previously organised by MGM Fairs in central and north west England.

Matlock Miniatures have many years of experience as a trader and you may have met us at a Dolls House Fair in the past.  We will continue to trade as usual at most of the fairs where we have been a regular exhibitor, but will only have a very limited range at our own fairs.

Our Dollshouse & Miniature Fairs are held in town centre venues, conveniently located and accessible for both customers and standholders.  We personally attend and supervise all of our miniature fairs to ensure the expectations of our visitors and exhibitors are met when ever possible.

We will continue to specialise in small to medium sized fairs appealing to a wide variety of dolls house and miniature collectors, keen miniatures hobbyists and buyers, or the simply inquisitive, together with dolls house craftsmen and miniatures suppliers.

MM Dolls House and Miniature Fairs are held only once a year at each venue and are located at Rugby, Northwich, Southport, Nantwich & Sutton Coldfield.

The fairs are open to the public at 10.30am and close at 4.00pm, with the exception of our Sutton Coldfield fair which opens at 11.00am and closes at 3.00pm, and Rugby fair which opens at 10.30am and closes at 3.00pm
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